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My Family:
• Hayley Elizabeth Kittle
• Dylan James Kittle
• Harley the Wonder Pooch
My Favorite Foods:
• Skirt Steak and Eggs looking back at you
• Tart Key Lime Pie
• Chicken taco's...Ah heck all taco's
• Grilled Shrimp
• Beef-Sausage combo with hot pepperso
• Strawberry Blizzards
• Baked Mac & Cheese with Cheddar Gold Fish on top
• Garrett's Chicago Mix Popcorn
My Favorite Baseball Park:
• The OldYankee Stadium
My Favorite Movies:
• Sweet Home Alabama
• All Disney Movies
• Schindler's List
• The Da Vinci Code
• The Hangover
My Favorite Car
• Ford Expedition - 315,000 miles and still going
My Favorite Colors:
• Orange
• Black (unless they make something darker)
• Turquoise
• Soft Yellow
My Favorite Team
• Chicago White Sox-or the one that has their Team Logo on my paycheck ;)
My Favorite Sayings
• You got to be sh@#ting me!
• You can't polish a turd.
• Yep Yep
• I can do anything.
My Favorite Baseball Players
• Brooks Robinson
• Robin Yount
• George Brett
• Roberto Clemente
• My former teammates and anyone who ever played hard
My Favorite Highlights
• The birth of my children
• Smiles on someone's face
• Any day I wake up and touch the's a good day.
My Hobbies
• Wood Working - Creating new designs
• Riding my mothercycle all over the place with no real idea where I might be going.
• A little golf, and I play poorly I must say!!!
• Antique shopping and flea markets
• Hard work...all of it.
My Favorite Baseball Cities:
• Seattle - close to the Peugeot Sound
• NY - Just so many cool things
• Chicago - A great place for everything.
My Favorite Hotels
• Fairmont Hotels
• Holidcay Inn Express - as I get smarter every time I stay there
• Anyone that has good water pressure for showers and that are clean
My Favorite TV Shows:
• House
• Big Bang Theory
• American Pickers
• Food Network
• Mork and Mindy
• Cool calm mornings
• Autumn Leaves
• Manicured lawns
• Grilled french toast
• Firm massages
• Funny People
• Soft music
• Great smiles
• Grateful People
• Negative people
• Smokers who are rude
• Shaking hands with people who have dirty paws
• Athletes who do not play hard
• Traffic
• Slow cars in passing lanes
• This could be on long list so I better stop now.
Ideal Day (if it could happen)
• Having breakfast with my family or friends
• Taking a ride on my Harley around a Lake
• Playing golfin the 70's - weather that is ;)
• Winning the Lotto
• Have both my kids graduate and have good paying jobs
• The ability to touch someone and make them well.
A Special Thanks to: My family for all of your support. My Teachers for having patience with me while I was in school My driving instructor (20 speeding tickets, what happened!) My doctors for keeping me semi-healthy. My friends, here's to you...Cheers! To my fans who cheered me on. Sorry, I couldn’t be the hero every night! I tried and really wanted to.