After Baseball

It's What I Knew

I got out of baseball because my body gave out.  I wasn't mentally ready to hang it up.  I had a batting cage at my house, so I taught.  I had been around the best, like Charlie Lau.  I knew what worked for me and I knew what worked for others.  I pieced all of that into my own unique stylel of teaching - and enjoyed it.  But, I missed the pressure, whether you succeeded or failed, I missed the pressure.

I also did some work with my brother, Jimmy, at his shop.  It's in my DNA to be an ironworker.  It must be why I still build stuff.


Minor Leagues... Again

In 1995, I managed the Merrillville Muddogs.  It was fun until the owner left in the middle of the night with everything, even the computers,  So I gave up my salary to keep the team running for the rest of the season.

In 1999, I managed the Schaumburg Flyers.  It was fun for a few years, but then I realized I was getting too old for 20 hour bus rides.


Mr. Ambassador

From the time I retired, I would periodically make appearances for the White Sox.  In 2003, I officially became one of the team's "Ambassadors."  It's an honor and a privilege to represent the team in and around the community.  If you don't see me at a community event, you can probably find me at the ballpark a few times a homestand, shaking hands and kissing babies :-)




I started on social media to keep track of my kids.  However, I found it's a great way to keep up with family, friends, and fans.  I have a few rules though, I never talk politics or religion, and I rarely speak about sports.  I try to instill confidence is people's ability to go out and make their day great.  And of course, I always talk about food.  Prior to my Harley Pooch's passing, he was also a favorite topic of mine.  I've tapped the limit of 5,000 friends on my facebook personal page, but you can also follow me at Ron Kittle's Clubhouse.

Story Honoring Harley Pooch

Help Others


I started Indiana Sports Charities in 1989.  Over it's 23 years, we raised over $2,000,000 for cancer research and education.  Wanting to do more, for more, I started Ron Kittle Charities.

Please go to Ron Kittle Charities and consider making a donation.  I know together - we can make a difference.

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Jerry Reinsdorf probably said it best, I was ok as a ballplayer, but I can sure make anything.  I'll say this, I haven't yet found the thing I can't make.  I do one-of-a-kind pieces for high profile clients, like the White Sox and for corporations looking for unique gifts - as well as many other sports and cigar related items.  Please feel free to look through my "Gallery" pages, visit "My Store" page or "Contact Me" with any creative requests.

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Public Appearances


I enjoy making appearances of all kinds.  I promise, you'll enjoy me being there too.  I make everything positive, fun and upbeat - like my life.

Drop me a line to find out more.

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