Big League Career

White Sox


I played for the White Sox three different times, 1982-1986, 1989-1990 and finished my career in 1991.  With all my injuries, I had more time than anyone ever would have thought possible.  But, the time came when working out 8 hours just to play a game couldn't hold my body together any longer.



During his short stint as GM, Hawk Harrelson traded me to the Yankees in 1986.  George Steinbrenner was a piece of work.  He was a guy who was of the opinion, if you continually beat him, he'd rather just have you.  That's how I ended up there. 



I was in Cleveland for the 1988 season.  We had a good team.  We were in 1st at the All-Star break.  But, as it will do, injuries took us out of contention.  Three of our ace pitchers got hurt (Gregg Swindell, Richie Yett and John Farrell).  I enjoyed my time there.  I lived in an old hotel that was converted to condos.  I don't know the name of it, but remember it was pink and my neighbor was Browns quarterback, Bernie Kosar.  The Indians manager, Doc Edwards, loved hunting.  We had great talks about hunting throughout the season.  We got along so well, he almost didn't mind that I tried to shoot Mell Hall with my bow & arrow on a plane.  It only cost me the price of an airline door.



I was traded to the Orioles in 1990 as they were making a run for it and were looking for a big bat.  However, once I got there, 2 of the ace pitchers (Curt Schilling and Pete Harnisch) went on the DL.  I always tied a lot of my compensation to performance (at my Dad's suggestion), so, once it was clear they weren't gonna be in it, they kept me on the bench a lot so I wouldn't make my numbers.  It didn't stop me from asking for early workouts every day, which meant the entire coaching staff had to come out early too.  That and rewriting the line up one day, removing Cal Ripken, Jr.'s name kept me entertained.  Everyone in the dugout was speechless and without knowing who did it, manager, Cal Sr. just said, "F*#kin' Kitty."


More Important Than Baseball

During baseball is when I started a family.  I was first blessed with a Daughter, Hayley Elizabeth


A few years later, Dylan James.  I'm not saying Hayley is the quintessential big sister or anything - but it was 3 years before we knew Dylan could speak.  Hayley answered every question for him.


Major League Stats

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