Fun Facts

My Pride & Joy


  • Hayley Elizabeth Kittle
  • Dylan James Kittle

My Favorite Foods


  • A custom Bertucci Triple at The Patio (see Patio options at the ballpark here)
  • Skirt steak and eggs lookin' back at you
  • Tart key lime pie
  • Chicken tacos.  Ah heck, all tacos
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Beef-Sausage combo sandwich w/hot peppers
  • DQ cherry dip cone
  • Baked mac & cheese w/cheddar gold fish on top
  • Chicago Mix popcorn
  • Kittle Nachos - that's when you get nachos with extra, extra everything and usually with BBQ brisket

My Favorite Movies


  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • All Disney movies
  • Schindler's list
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The Hangover
  • All Marvel movies

My Favorite Car


  • Ford Expedition.  All of them, I'm on my 5th one.  Kept one over 337,000 miles!

My Favoite Colors


  • Orange
  • Black (unless they make something darker)
  • Turquoise
  • Soft Yellow

My Favorite Sayings


  • You got to be sh@#ting me!
  • You can't polish a turd
  • Yep, Yep
  • I can do anything (except dance, do taxes and give birth)

My Favorite Highlights


  • The birth of my children
  • Smiles on someone's face
  • Any day I wake up and my feet touch the floor... it's a great day

My Favorite Hobbies


  • Creating anything from anything
  • Riding my motorcycle anywhere - with no real care where I end up
  • A little golf (for being the father of a Golf Pro, I don't play very well)
  • Treasure hunting... I mean antique and flea market shopping
  • Hard work - all the time

My Favorite TV Shows


  • American Pickers
  • Anything on Discovery, NatGeo or Food Network
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Mork & Mindy



  • Cool calm mornings
  • Autumn leaves (unless I'm the one picking them up)
  • Manicured lawns
  • Grilled french toast
  • Firm massages
  • Funny people
  • Country music
  • Great smiles
  • Grateful people



  • Negative People
  • Smokers who are rude
  • Shaking hands with people who have dirty paws
  • Athletes who do not play hard
  • Traffic
  • Slow cars in the passing lane
  • This could be a really long list, so I should stop now

Ideal Day (if it could be)


  • Having a really big breakfast with family and friends
  • Taking a ride on my Harley around a lake
  • Playing golf in the 70's (weather that is)
  • Winning the Lotto
  • Having both my kids living closer by to me
  • The ability to touch someone and make them well

Baseball Fun Facts

My Favorite Ballpark


  • Old Yankee Stadium

My Favorite Team


  • Chicago White Sox
  • Or the one that has their logo on my paycheck :-)

My Favorite Ball Players


  • Brooks Robinson
  • Robin Yount
  • George Brett
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Roberto Clemente
  • Anyone who played hard

My Favorite Baseball Towns


  • Seattle, near the Puget Sound
  • New York, just so many cool things
  • Chicago, a great place for everything

First Home Run


Hit the opposite field in 1982 against Frank Viola at the Metrodome in Minnesota

Longest Home Run


Close to 700 feet over the left-center field roof at old Comiskey during a Game of the Week in 1984 vs. the Tigers, on a 3-2 curve ball against Dave Rosema

Number of Rooftop HR's


  • In its 80-year history, only 23 players hit a ball on the roof at old Comiskey
  • I did it 7 times. See one of them here
  • Babe Ruth was the first, I was the last

First MLB Hit


A double down the left field line off Frank Tanana in 1982

First 4-Strikeout Game


It happened against Dave Righetti.  When asked by reporters if it had ever happened to me before, I responded with "yeah, there are people back home washing cars who did it to me."  Years later when I was traded to the Yankees, Ron Guidry put a copy of that article above Dave Righetti's locker.

First Inside the Park HR


Ok, it was my only inside the park home run.  It was off John Cerutti in 1987 against Toronto when I was with the Yankees.  See it here

Favorite Pitcher to Hit


  • Bert Blyleven.  He struck me out 3 times the first time I faced him.  It was with 5 o'clock shadows at Cleveland's old stadium.  He struck out 16 that day.  I told myself he'd never get me again.  From then on, I did well against him.  
  • Some guy that needs to get out more ran some numbers on it. See it here

Toughest Pitcher I Faced


  • Jim Leyland.  He was the 3rd base coach in 1983 and pitched BP to me, Harold Baines and Greg Walker
  • He was so bad, I told him to throw 3 at once, I'd hit one of them
  • He always said, "yeah, but my crew has more ribeye's than Ponderosa"

My Sincerest Thank You

My family for all of your support.  My teachers for having the patience with me while I was in school.  My driving instructor (20 speeding tickets.. what?)  My doctors for keeping me semi-healthy.  My friends, here's to you... cheers!  To the fans who cheered me on.  I'm sorry I couldn't be the hero every night.  I tried and really wanted to.